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Concept Of Six Sigma Approach In Learning Organization

The main focus of Six Sigma as a management system is in three things , namely customer focus , process management as well as facts and data. In Six Sigma , customer satisfaction to be an important focus in supporting income (revenue ) . While in the process of production , the role of sig sigma reduce the risk of the appearance of the product is defective ( defect ) . With the reduced number of product defects , will directly influence the effectiveness of production activities so that the level of productivity will increase as more efficient and effective production process . Thus , viewing the business and process management as a system influence each other in order to meet customer requirements and achieve the target . Each step in the Six Sigma should be based on facts and data to improve objectivity in decision-making . Six sigma has several definitions , including the definition of six sigma based on the opinion, which states that the sig sigma is concept work more efficientl