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The importance of Information Monthly and Daily Information

Toyota is a member of two types of information on suppliers: First is a monthly production plan which has been determined previously notified to suppliers in the middle of the month before. By using the monthly production plan has been determined in advance, the supplier will determine the date of the following plans: 1. Cycle time of each process 2. Routine operation reorder raw labor allocation in accordance with a cycle time in each process. 3. The number of spare parts and materials to be ordered on the sub suppliers 4. The number of kanban for each sub-suppliers

classification of major types of kanban

Classification onf major types of kanban

Production Instruction Kanban

Retrieval Kanban

Retrieval Kanban

Attract the necessary product of the previous process in the amount of necessary time

Successful implementation of this rule depends on the underwriting of workers that the system is useful and easy to administer. This rule will probably be found with many obstacles because it requires a complete change from the previous production system. Sub rule which became part of this rule are: – Any withdrawal without going through the kanban should be banned – Any withdrawal greater than the number of kanban should be banned – A kanban must be attached to the physical product. Refinement of production or increase daily production, is a necessary condition for a withdrawal and small-lot production of a continuous process, and most importantly, apply rules 1. Smoothing of production, for example: only if the kanban system is applied to pull parts from outside companies subcontract, then the kanban is a very dangerous weapon and uses the original will be lost. Subcontractors need of supplies, equipment, and manpower in large numbers to respond to fluctuating demand from manufacture

Rules of Kanban

To realize the purpose of JIT kanban, the following rules must be followed: 1. Advanced process must draw the necessary product of the previous process in the required amount of time required 2. Previous process must produce their products in the amount drawn by the next process 3. Defective products should never be collected to the next process 4. The number of kanban must be minimized 5. Kanban should be used to adapt to fluctuations in demand for small

Pull System for JIT Production

Toyota’s JIT production is a method to adapt to changes due to disturbances and changes in demand by making all the necessary processes to produce goods at the time it takes the required amount. The first requirement for JIT production is to make all the process of knowing the exact timing and amount needed. In the usual system of production control, the above requirements be met by issuing a variety of production schedules on all the process: The process of manufacturing spare parts and also on the line of rafts. This process produces spare parts spare parts in accordance with the schedule, using a push system, meaning the former to supply spare parts to the next process. However, this method will make it difficult adjustment quickly to changes caused by disturbances arising in some process or due to fluctuations in demand. With ordinary systems, to adapt to various changes during the month, the company must modify the production schedules for each process simultaneously; the approach

Information via the Kanban : Toyota Production System

These cards are in circulation in Toyota factories, between Toyota and other companies that work with him. And in the factories of companies that work together is. In this way, Kanban can convey information about the number of shots and the amount of production to achieve JIT production. Flow of 2 Kanban For example we make the products A, B and C in a raft line. Spare parts needed to manufacture these products are a and b are produced by the previous engine line. Spare parts a and b are stored behind this line and Kanban production orders from this line attached to him.