These cards are in circulation in Toyota factories, between Toyota and other companies that work with him. And in the factories of companies that work together is. In this way, Kanban can convey information about the number of shots and the amount of production to achieve JIT production.

Flow of 2 Kanban

For example we make the products A, B and C in a raft line. Spare parts needed to manufacture these products are a and b are produced by the previous engine line. Spare parts a and b are stored behind this line and Kanban production orders from this line attached to him.

Bearer of the line of the raft that makes product A will go to the line machine to retrieve a needed spare parts using a kanban-making. Then, in a warehouse, he took a box of spare parts in accordance with the amount of uptake and release kanban. Kanban production order from this box. He then took the box back to the line of his raft, together with kanban-extracted.

At this time, kanban production orders from the abandoned warehouse a machine line, to indicate the number of units taken. Kanban it will send information to the line machine. Spare parts a later produced in the quantities indicated by the number of kanban. The same process is used, although the line of machines producing one type of spare parts.