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The Six Sigma Evolution *

Motorola (1987) – Originator of Six Sigma – Developed the MAIC Methodology (M – Measure, A – Analyze, I – Improve, C – Control) Allied Signal (1992) – Extendes Six Sigma to Non manufacturing Process – Include Process Maping ang Anaysis Tools General Electric (1995) – Added DEFINE stage to MAIC – Applied Six Sigma in Product /Service Development (DFSS – Design for SIx Sigma) and Lean Production – As a Leadership development program Sony (2000) – Developed a detail define methodology – Incorporated Six Sigma into Business and Planning Process – Promote Top down goal development & Critical Thinking *from various sources

"Six Sigma Has Spread like Wildfire Across the Company" : Jack Welch

One of the rapid development of six sigma led by Jack Welch who is the CEO of General Electric. He’s not half-hearted invest for the development of his company by doing a six sigma project. His hard work has yielded remarkable results. Development initiatives his company a role model for global companies. Projects handled and conducted training has resulted in millions of dollars in profits for his company.

Six Sigma Training: Some Factors Influencing the Success of Six Sigma

Six Sigma will work with a brilliant achievement if supported by the resources and the role of various components of the company. Six Sigma is a big project that could save millions of dollars if properly executed. Like the CEO of General Electric Jack Welch: invested More Than U.S. $ 500 million in Six Sigma Initiatives Increase 40% on operating margin and $ 5 billion in savings Tied in 40% of top executive bonuses to Their Six Sigma record (in the book “Jack Welch and The GE Way “by Robert Slater.) Basically, six sigma is influenced by things as follows: