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What kind of company is it?

The company is a form of business entity by the number of employees and great products. Government also has a policy of its own to be the establishment of a company. In Indonesia is now widely established firms. And here is a wide-ranged companies: 1 Sole Proprietorship Traits – traits 1 Held individual (individual or family company) 2 The management simple 3 Capital is not too large relative 4 Continuity of business depends on the owner 2. firm Traits – traits 1 Member firms usually know each other and trust each other 2. firm agreement can be made ??before a notary public or under the hand 3 Using common names in the business activities 4 The existence of responsibility and risk of loss are not limited to, profit or loss will be shared 3 Company Commanditaire (CV) The characteristics: 1. founded and owned by two or more 2 The parties in the CV as a leader, manager and person in charge of the company (the owner is active). 3 other parties in CV just put venture capital, only resp