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Cost Reduction with Lean Six Sigma

Along with the level of competition and the rapid flow of information , the law regarding the price has changed . If the first equation to determine the price is the cost of production plus a profit that we want . Example , if the cost of production of our products USD 100 and the profits to be taken by 10 % , then the price of our products is USD 100 + 10 % = USD 110 . Currently , pricing is no longer in the hands of manufacturers , but by the market . So the mathematical equation is the price – cost of production = profit . So , if the price for our product in the market 100 , then we need to push our production costs at least USD 99 , so that the profits of USD 1 . Profit factor that used to be free , now a dependent factor . In the practice of Lean Six Sigma , a formula for the price and profit – Profit = Cost of Production . This formula is well known in Lean Manufacturing . We have to design processes and products in order to enter into this cost range . The savings are not the s

A Green and Black Belts are required to master the Six Sigma methodology

In making six sigma as an initiative that entrenched in the organization needs the right infrastructure . Infrastructure here refers to the selection of the people who sit in the Six Sigma organization . As we know there are a few important roles to be possessed when we initiated the Six Sigma program , which are: Champion , Sponsor , Black Belt , Green Belt and team members . Our discussion this time will be more detail on the Black Belt and Green Belt . The term Black Belt was first introduced by Motorola , based on the expertise of someone who has a black belt karate are people who excel in their knowledge and qualified and are able to apply their knowledge in the real world . Later the term Green Belt at General Electric . Both Green Belt and Black Belt have differences and similarities . We will see in terms of the functions , responsibilities and qualifications. function

Learning Lean Six Sigma 's Branding

Same with programs or other methods , Lean Six Sigma has branding that is free to the public or communicated to the users . Many companies are actually implementing Lean Six Sigma , but not directly use the name of Lean Six Sigma . The term Lean Six Sigma itself is actually a new branding of some previous business improvement programs , such as Total Quality Management ( TQM ) . ? TQM Vs . Lean Six Sigma There is an assumption which says that Lean Six Sigma is ” old stuff in new packaging ” . May have a point , because clearly a Lean Six Sigma development and modern forms of the concept of Total Quality Management ( TQM ) . TQM which initially is a comprehensive quality management system , which once was a job that only the responsibility of the quality control department or operational , system improvements that now is the responsibility of all components in the company . But this time began to lose popularity because TQM concept can no longer be considered to satisfy the organization

What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is not a new one there , but lean six sigma is a new way of doing the job . Lean Six Sigma is a refinement of the methods of repair were first born . Before discussing about the integration , we should know the difference between them in terms of focus , goals , focus , and methods.