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Benchmark As TQM Tools

Benchmark is the process of comparing the performance of business processes and metrics including cost, cycle time, productivity, or other qualities that are widely regarded as the industry standard benchmark or best practice. Basically, Benchmark provides a snapshot of the performance of your business and help you understand where you are in relation to a particular standard. Type of Benchmark • Process benchmarking – start a company that focused on the observation and investigation of business processes with the goal of identifying and observing the best practices from one or more benchmark firms. Activity analysis will be required where the objective is to compare the costs and efficiency; increasingly applied to back-office processes where outsourcing may be a consideration. • Financial benchmarking – financial analysis and comparing the results in an attempt to assess the overall competitiveness and productivity. • Benchmarking from an investor perspective comparisons broaden the

Factors that affect customer perceptions and expectations

Each manufacturer has always expect customer satisfaction in business activity. Because customer satisfaction indicates successful production of any company. However, manufacturers must know the factors that affect customer perceptions and expectations.   1. Needs and desires relating to the perceived customer when he was trying to make a deal with a manufacturer / supplier of the product (the company). If at that time the needs and wishes, hopes or expectations customers will also be high, and vice versa. 2. Past experience (past) when consuming products of the company and its competitors competitors. 3. The experience of friends, where they will tell the quality of the product to be purchased by the customer. This obviously affects the perception of the customer, especially on products that perceived high risk. 4. Communication through advertising and marketing also influences customer perception. People in sales and advertising should not create excessive campaign through customer e

Give Ease to Customers

Customers will be more satisfied if find it easy, convenient, and efficient in getting the product or service. Customers (customers) are all those who demand that we (the business) to meet certain quality standards, therefore, will inevitably impact our performance (our company). Management Companies like LL. Bean, Freefort and Maine in Gasversz Vincent (1997) gives several definitions of customers, ie: – Customers are people who do not depend on us, but we are the ones who depend on them; – The customer is the one who brings us to desire; – No one ever wins an argument collide with customers; – Customer is a very important thing to satisfied;