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Drivers of customer satisfaction

Generally, there are five key drivers of customer satisfaction, quality of product, price, service quality, emotional factors, and facility

Customer Role for Future Business Developments

The role of the customer is very important because it deals with the future of the business. So important role of customers so much discussion about the customer produces a variety of terms, such as: customers is a king, the consumer is dynamics, only consumers can fire us all. This prompted Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton (1996) include the perspective of “customer” to measure the performance of the company. Unlike traditional measurement concept just based on the health of the financial statements alone, Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton in his book “Balanced Scorecard” said that financial measures are not sufficient for guiding and evaluating corporate travel through a competitive environment. Using traditional concept raises lagging indicators, lagging indicators which is causing us not able to capture the value that has been created or destroyed by various actions of managers in the last accounting period. Therefore, Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton reviewing the healt

Integration Management in Total Quality Management

The linkage between the quality control or phase with each other, which began in the demand for a particular product until the end on the use of the product by the customer. According EOQC (the European Organization for Quality Control), a modern quality system is a system of activities aimed at providing assurance and evidence that the activity of a total quality control is in fact effective. Modern quality systems include continuous evaluation of the adequacy and effectiveness of control programs by providing total quality control corrective action where necessary, for certain product-specific, integrated quality control program includes the testing, inspection and evaluation of factors affecting the quality of the specification, production, inspection and use of the product. Modern quality systems in the mind that the implementation of an integrated quality control requires several issues related to the operation of the structural work, effective documentation, and managerial proced

Three Modern Quality Systems

Basically modern quality systems can be divided into three parts: Quality of design It basically refers to the activity that ensures that new products or modified products, in design so as to meet the desires and expectations of customers as well as economically viable to produce or do. Thus quality is the quality of the planned design. It determines the quality of design and product specification is the basis for making decisions related to market segment, the specification of use and after-sales service. Quality of design in general is the responsibility of the Section of Research and Development (R & D), Engineering Process (Process Engineering), Market Research (Market Research) and other parts related. Quality of conformance Refers to the manufacture of products or provision of services that meet predetermined specifications at the design stage. Thus conformance quality indicates the degree to which the products are designed to meet or comply with product specifications. In ge