Basically modern quality systems can be divided into three parts:

Quality of design
It basically refers to the activity that ensures that new products or modified products, in design so as to meet the desires and expectations of customers as well as economically viable to produce or do. Thus quality is the quality of the planned design. It determines the quality of design and product specification is the basis for making decisions related to market segment, the specification of use and after-sales service. Quality of design in general is the responsibility of the Section of Research and Development (R & D), Engineering Process (Process Engineering), Market Research (Market Research) and other parts related.

Quality of conformance
Refers to the manufacture of products or provision of services that meet predetermined specifications at the design stage. Thus conformance quality indicates the degree to which the products are designed to meet or comply with product specifications. In general Parts Production, Planning and Production Control, Purchasing and Delivery has the main responsibility for the quality of that conformation.

Quality of marketing and after-sales service

Associated with the extent of the use of products that meet the basic provisions of the marketing, maintenance and after-sales service.