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Lean Sigma Enterprise System Training

Knowledge transformation and lean sigma methodology and 5s management requires an effective method to create a system of lean six sigma training in a structured and systematic. All member production should be understood by making a conscious concept of lean manufacturing into their work activities. Top management support is needed to provide human resource commitments. Coaching and lean sigma training is mainly given to groups of people involved in lean sigma projects. Actually, almost all members throughout the process chain is the target trainee should understand the concept of sigma and lean implementation in the work area. Organizations that implement lean sigma is a means of learning organizations must continually acquire new information and new insights from their customers, external environment, and the value stream of each individual product, product group or product line, then use that knowledge to generate ideas new ideas, new products and enhancements, and measure results

Blind Spot indentify areas as waste

Lots of blind spots that are not recognized by the member in the production area. Such as the placement of goods in excess capacity, material buildup beyond the maximum limit given, and WIP are left without handling, work equipment is not in place, the wiring is a mess and so forth. Although it seems simple, but if left unchecked will become a habit and waste make repeated. And will ultimately increase the costs that should not be needed. For example, regular overtime to clean up items that are not used, fix the items that are not neat and so on. Work should be carried out during working hours, the company must pay again to do the work. Lean Six Sigma for process improvement in a six sigma project executor should be able to identify the blind spot in the work areas, especially the unconscious member concerned. This identification should be carried out continuously and there is always a search for sources of waste along the flow processes in the company. Starting from the procurement of

Technology for Total Supply Chain Process Improvement

Many things can be done in order to improve the efficiency of companies, ranging from the supply of raw materials to delivery of goods to the customer. Experts working in the IT sector report on website that such rapid development of technology must be coupled with the application in the enterprise management process, otherwise it will decrease the power of the company because a lot of waste which should be reduced by using information technology system. Utilization of information technology is an effort to make the interface between the department, the section, between supplier companies, between companies and customers, so that decision-making process can be done in a short period of time. Management is proactive in the development of the company should be alert to use existing technology to the company’s efficiency and performance. Implementation of ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) and supporting software may serve to support lean supply management. By using