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What are the Customers Want?

Every business improvement, change and achievement should be clear and easily identifiable. Furthermore it should be understood and implemented by each member with ease. But more important is the need to pay attention to the voice of market and the voice of the customer. As good as any improvement we make, if you do not pay attention to market the product we will not be acceptable to the market. A large company will spread sales to the market, in addition to selling its products also received a response, criticism and input from our customers. Then the data in the form of claim data, criticisms, made in response to customer in file of the Voice of Customer.

Performance Measures

When we have focus to improvement, then at that time also had to choose performance measures based on the reason for improvement. And must have a strong association between objective measures and the performance improvement project. There are several questions to be answered to ensure that the project that we create can be justified and we can focus and work seriously: A. Why are we doing this project? 2. Is this project can be reduced cost, increased quality, reduced defects and safety improvement? 3. Who the customer is interested in the project? 4. Improvement such as what they need according to their request? 5. How do we know that the project a success?

Measurement is critical to Improvement

Changes made in the context of improvement; it would seem of no use if it can not be measured accurately. Measurements here do not have the sophisticated equipment, but with simple techniques and tools that already exist, such as stop watch to measure the change in the time before and after improvement. Measurement of improvement will show us how effective the changes we have made. It also gives an overview that describes the variables that affect process performance. To give an idea can be visually indicated by the line graph, run chart or control chart. Graphs and pictures shown, will help usto understand trends, and gaps for further improvement. In addition it will provide the image data needed for improvement of work. After all measurement performed and obtain the necessary data, and has been visualized in the form of graphs and charts. Then the next step is to assess whether there are significant differences to the changes that have been made. Is the quality improved after the cha

Sample of Improvement Storyboard Layout

Process Improvement to Fix Oil Leakage

Having found a problem that occurs is processed and identified. The next step is the improvement that might be done as follows: A. Increase Hydro Test Press: to overcome the problem of insufficient hydro test pressure. With proper handling with problems that occur in production will be obtained is the result to be satisfactory. 2. Use black light Inspection To overcome the problem of black light unused and to increase oil leak problem. With known clearly that the problem occurs, it will be proper handling steps. Thus the improvement measures will produce the expected reduction. After the reduction process improvement will be generated as shown in the chart below: