Every business improvement, change and achievement should be clear and easily identifiable. Furthermore it should be understood and implemented by each member with ease. But more important is the need to pay attention to the voice of market and the voice of the customer. As good as any improvement we make, if you do not pay attention to market the product we will not be acceptable to the market. A large company will spread sales to the market, in addition to selling its products also received a response, criticism and input from our customers. Then the data in the form of claim data, criticisms, made in response to customer in file of the Voice of Customer.

All data from the customer who entered the company made material analysis for improvement, and materials to identify the deficiencies that occur in the production / process. Although any small customer complaints must be considered because the companies that will be able to grow and innovate for higher quality products, cheaper and more acceptable to the market.

For your project then, you may want to gather some Voice of Customer (VOC) information. We’ll focus on a simple approach here. If your VOC needs get more complicated, see a Black Belt or your friendly neighborhood Market Research department.

First, identify and segment your customers. Your product or service may have a number of different customers:
• External Customers – Those outside the company purchase products and services WHO (also, “bystanders” who may be affected by the
product / service – noise, pollution)
• Internal Customers – “The next process is your customer.” Who receives the output of your process?
• Stakeholders – Others may be affected by the process or have a “stake” in the outcome of the process (management, employees,
Regulators, shareholders).

Should you Consider different customer segments (ie within one major customer group)? Typical strategies include segmentation of customers by revenue, deal size, geography, age, income, purchase habits, and many others. Consider all customers touch the product