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Kanban should be used to adapt to fluctuations in demand

Fitting well with the kanban production refers to the most interesting properties of the kanban system: The ability to adapt to sudden changes in demand or production of an emergency. Companies that do not use kanban system will lack a vehicle to act on it, changes in demand are not expected. Centralized control system used to determine production schedules and issue simultaneous production process; therefore, that sudden changes in demand will require at least seven to ten day intervals before the schedule can be updated and issued to the plant, the time interval for the computer to compile and calculate the most recent data. As a result, various production will face disconnection from time to time, mashing the changing needs of production; this issue will form a production process is less smooth.

Defective products should never be collected to the next process

Kanban system that would self-destruct unless all three rules are followed. If some part is damaged encountered, then the next process in itself makes the line stopped because there is no extra units of inventory and send the defective part to the previous process. Lines like this dismissal of the next process is very clear and visible to everyone. Also, faulty operation must be eliminated to ensure the withdrawal of rhythmic than the previous process. Standardization of work, therefore, one of the kanban system is an absolute requirement.

Attract the necessary product of the previous process in the amount of necessary time

Successful implementation of this rule depends on the underwriting of workers that the system is useful and easy to administer. This rule will probably be found with many obstacles because it requires a complete change from the previous production system. Sub rule which became part of this rule are: – Any withdrawal without going through the kanban should be banned – Any withdrawal greater than the number of kanban should be banned – A kanban must be attached to the physical product. Refinement of production or increase daily production, is a necessary condition for a withdrawal and small-lot production of a continuous process, and most importantly, apply rules 1. Smoothing of production, for example: only if the kanban system is applied to pull parts from outside companies subcontract, then the kanban is a very dangerous weapon and uses the original will be lost. Subcontractors need of supplies, equipment, and manpower in large numbers to respond to fluctuating demand from manufacture

Is kanban it?

Kanban is a tool to achieve the production of the JIT (just in time). Is a card that is usually placed on a rectangular vinyl envelope. Two commonly used types of kanban: kanban demand (withdrawal kanban) and the kanban production orders (production-ordering kanban). Kanban request specifies the type and number of products in which the process which then must be requested from the previous process, while the kanban production order specifies the type and amount of product from the previous process that must be produced. Production-ordering Kanban is often called in-process Kanban or simply the production kanban.

Rules of Kanban

To realize the purpose of JIT kanban, the following rules must be followed: 1. Advanced process must draw the necessary product of the previous process in the required amount of time required 2. Previous process must produce their products in the amount drawn by the next process 3. Defective products should never be collected to the next process 4. The number of kanban must be minimized 5. Kanban should be used to adapt to fluctuations in demand for small

Kanban functions

Kanban functions can be described as follows: 1. Stimulate the emergence of workforce initiatives in the field 2. As a means of controlling information 3. controlling inventory 4. Adding a sense of belonging among workers 5. Simplify management mechanisms work 6. Enables visual management work in the field