Fitting well with the kanban production refers to the most interesting properties of the kanban system: The ability to adapt to sudden changes in demand or production of an emergency. Companies that do not use kanban system will lack a vehicle to act on it, changes in demand are not expected. Centralized control system used to determine production schedules and issue simultaneous production process; therefore, that sudden changes in demand will require at least seven to ten day intervals before the schedule can be updated and issued to the plant, the time interval for the computer to compile and calculate the most recent data. As a result, various production will face disconnection from time to time, mashing the changing needs of production; this issue will form a production process is less smooth.

Companies that use the kanban system, on the other hand, did not issue a detailed production process simultaneously to the previous month.; Each process can know only what is produced when the production-ordering kanban is released from the storage container. Only the final assembly line that receives the circuit for the daily production schedule and the schedule is displayed on a computer that specifies that each unit will be assembled next. As a result, although pre-determined monthly planning to ask the manufacture of six units A and four units B a day, this comparison can be behind at the end of the day.