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Lean Six Sigma Tools

Six Sigma as a quality program is also a tool for problem solving. Six sigma emphasizes the application of this tool methodically and systematically that will produce breakthroughs in quality improvement. This systematic methodology is generic so that it can be applied in both manufacturing and service industries. The advantages of implementing Six Sigma differ for each company, depending on the business it is running. Usually Six Sigma brings improvements to the following (Pande, Peter 2000): 1. Improved productivity 2. Cost reduction 3.Growth of market share 4. Product / service development 5. Reduced defects 6. Reduction cycle time 7. Customer retention Judging from the tools used, Six Sigma is quite extensive. The following figure shows the methods commonly used in Six Sigma. Methods and Tools Important in Six Sigma The advantages of Six Sigma compared to other methods are: 1. With Six Sigma it is understandable which systems and variables can be monitored and responded quickly. Si