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What is lean six sigma

What is lean six sigma? Lean six sigma explained Lean Six Sigma is an operational management concept that is a synergy of Lean and Six Sigma. With Lean Six Sigma, companies can buy the “speed” that Lean claims and the “quality” that Six Sigma has. This methodology is used to eliminate the imposition of seven waste (waste) occurring in the manufacturing process and quality services at the favorable output of the defective product (average 3.4 defects per million per event / disability per million opportunities (DPMO) ). The goal is to increase corporate profits, provide sustainability, and add value to customers. Lean Six Sigma uses the DMAIC phase concept in the process, as in pure Six Sigma. DMAIC is the phases that must be passed in cooperation with anything, which is from Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control. In each phase, different activities will be carried out according to the conditions occurring during the project. In the theory of Lean Six Sigma and executing the project, t