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Mapping Products

Mapping of production activities is very helpful to analyze the advantages and disadvantages in terms of the production process. The grouping of these products will help the improvement process. This mapping can be done individually each product family, product line throughout the value stream process, to identify value-added activities and non-added value is a waste of money. Groups that have value-added activities will be the basis of improvement and further developed to achieve optimal performance. In contrast, for the processes that are not detail the contributions and tend to “waste” for the production process immediately corrected and removed, so as not to cause problems persist.

Understanding the JIT

In broad terms, JIT is a philosophy that focuses on timely activities required by other internal segments within an organization. JIT has four main aspects as follows: 1. All the activities are not value-added to the product or service should be eliminated. Value-added activities that do not unnecessarily increase the cost of such supplies as much as possible to zero. 2. Commitment to constantly improve the quality higher. So that the damaged and defective products as far as possible to zero, does not require the time and cost to rework defective products, and buyer satisfaction can be increased. 3. Always strived continuous improvement (Continuous Improvement) in improving the efficiency of activities. 4. Emphasis on streamlining the activities and improve the understanding of the value-added activities.