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Understanding of certification and six sigma training

Certification is the examination process to determine whether an object has met the standards set or not, meaning that if there are objects that do not pass the certification process, then it can be interpreted that the object does not meet the standards. Six Sigma certification is evidence of the competence of a change agent in improvement programs such as Six Sigma or Lean Six Sigma. This Six Sigma certification has different standards between one certification provider and another or from 1 consulting firm to other consulting firm. Internal certifications can also vary between companies. One of the largest providers of Six Sigma certification services in the world is the American Society for Quality or ASQ. The requirements of ASQ generally are that candidates must have 1 DMAIC project completed and must pass a written exam. Six sigma certification – either green belt or black belt – is the acknowledgment of an individual over the basic competencies held in performing remedial activ