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Technology for Total Supply Chain Process Improvement

Many things can be done in order to improve the efficiency of companies, ranging from the supply of raw materials to delivery of goods to the customer. Experts working in the IT sector report on website that such rapid development of technology must be coupled with the application in the enterprise management process, otherwise it will decrease the power of the company because a lot of waste which should be reduced by using information technology system. Utilization of information technology is an effort to make the interface between the department, the section, between supplier companies, between companies and customers, so that decision-making process can be done in a short period of time. Management is proactive in the development of the company should be alert to use existing technology to the company’s efficiency and performance. Implementation of ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) and supporting software may serve to support lean supply management. By using

Progressive Attitude Against Customer

To gain the trust and mutually beneficial cooperation between manufacturer and customer. As the provider of products and production of our implementers should be able to deliver the best products and service to customers. Similarly, the production process, in addition to design and customer demand, we should also actively inquire about the smoothness of the best suppliers of how the process should be done, how a production is going well. In short the customer invited to get involved in the production even though it only asked his advice. And thus the customer feel rewarded and get involved in the production process. Ask for advice customers is of utmost importance to establish cooperation and reduce errors. Lean supply chain is created and focused on the customer, so that the needs and demands of customers should be paramount. Communication between the customer continues in the goal is always to ask and involve the production process to avoid errors caused by miscommunications, between