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Focus on Shitsuke that Which Sustains all 4 other Elements

To apply the 5S concept, we must focus on the element of ” Shitsuke ” that which sustains all 4 other elements . Planting element ” Shitsuke ” is a very important point . Consider the chart below control cycle . It is important for the control cycle to increase over time. Likewise, the pillar ” Shitsuke ” which should have increased along with the increase in the quality of 5S activities . 4S which consists of ” Seiri ” , ” Seiton ” , ” Seiso ” and ” Seiketsu ” is an element that we apply to the goods / particular problem as an object . As with the ” Shitsuke ” which is an element that is applied to ourselves. Therefore , ” Shitsuke ” is not a factor in the innate nature of ourselves, but things should be taught to be applied . Therefore the application of the element of ” Shitsuke ” against employees also different , tailored to the nature , way of thinking , ability to work , and various other factors of each person .

About 5S - Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, Shitsuke

For those of you who never interacts with the plant world is certainly no stranger to the term 5S . Factories that implement 5S program will look clean and orderly . They think the shambles it will hide the problem . 5S program is seen as an attempt to reproduce the problem that had been hidden from the problem solver (problem solver ) . Currently , 5S program has been widely adopted by various industries in different countries . Popularity of 5S is not separated from the success of Japanese industry has been focused on the reduction of all waste ( waste) . 5S is the foundation of human behavior in order to form the habit ( habit) reduces pembororsan at work . 5S program was first introduced in Japan as a movement ‘s determination to hold sorting ( seiri ) , arrangement ( Seiton ) , cleaning ( Seiso ) , maintenance of stable conditions ( Seiketsu ) , and the habit of self-realization will be necessary to carry out the work properly ( Shitsuke ) . Each S in 5S and an explanation is desc