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Marketing and marketing management

Marketing is a process of transfer of goods or services from the producer to the consumer by way of advertising or promotion malalui various ways and people use websites for this, so web design companies from sites as help a lot with this. While marketing management is a process of analysis, planning, implementation, coordination and control of marketing programs that include product policy, pricing, promotion, and distribution of products, services, and ideas are offered to create and promote the exchange of benefits to the target market in an effort to achieve organizational goals (Boyd, Walker, Larreche, 1998, p.16). Here’s the good and the right marketing and the most apt to dupe the customer / buyer, don’t forget to visit this website to find out more about the best marketing for small business. Another type of marketing specialty is consumer packaged goods marketing Establishing a web presence and effectively marketing your busines

The importance of the meeting in the company

“The meeting is a discussion or deliberation activities that discuss important matters. Meetings usually discuss the annual plan, marketing, product improvement, the target company, etc.. Meetings usually done by all the head of the chief executive and certain internal areas. All results are recorded by the notary public meeting and the results are presented at the end of the meeting the meeting. Can be done routinely or sudden. Meeting behold, it was very important in a company, factory, or organization, as: 1 With the meeting of all the problems can be solved together. 2. The meeting gave rise to new ideas are creative. 3 The solution of a problem can be found immediately. 4 can be used to improve relationships between members. 5. A plan or idea can be refined from the other side’s opinion. 6 Democracy over there and awake. 7 new plan or program can be immediately known by all parties 8 Can be used as an evaluation of past performance. If meetings are rarely or never exists in a co