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Lean manufacturing principles with value weights

The essential principle of lean making Lean Manufacturing is a way and management system in whose concept is adapted from the Toyota Production Program, a special approach from Toyota in production. It is main focus is reducing waste in production and providing meaningful value to customers, thereby increasing the value of products in the eyes of shoppers. In addition, Low fat Manufacturing also gives the company the strength to increase their competitive benefits and increase market discuss. So how can a company apply the Trim Manufacturing concept not only as a momentary program but can be a culture firmly embedded within the company’s DNA? Here are 3 basic principles in the application of Slim Manufacturing: 1. Principles Defining Worth Products (Define Value) The definition of product value is done by discussing the views and views of the customer (Voice of Customer) through the framework of QCDS and PME (Productivity, Motivation and Environment). The definition of product value c