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Six Sigma Analysis Tools: Histogram Displays the Distribution of a set of Continuous Data

A histogram is a vertical bar chart displays the distribution of That a set of continuous data. It Can Be Used to indicate the location and dispersion of the data. Histograms are also often referred to as Frequency Distribution Chart, where the presence of the histogram graph, we can easily find out frequencies in the view bar on the histogram. In a lot of manufacturing will produce variations in the data. These data should be grouped in certain frequency intervals. This grouping is shown in the graph if the histogram will be clear. The highest stem is the highest frequency of our data analysis. Next the left of kana is data with frequency with a value below it and so on. Distribution and frequency grouping would facilitate determining the decision limits the data that is used in accordance with the needs or variations in data that must be removed.

The Quality Control Circle Tools

The method presented the results of improvement should be carried out effectively and systematically. Submission must be understood by everyone and comprehensive. Results are accurate and systematically obtained from the appropriate data collection, appropriate methods, use of assistive devices, use of software for data analysis as appropriate. Several tools and methods of presenting the results of improvement for the QCC Tools; 1. Process flow chart 2. Check sheet 3. brainstorming 4. Pareto diagram 5. histogram 6. Run Chart 7. decision Matrix 8. Cause and effect diagram 9. radar Chart