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Work? 5s for sure

5S is an abbreviation contains the best handling techniques for homes, factories and companies having direct impact on productivity. 5S aims to workplace efficiency by reducing wastage of goods, equipment or time. 5s are as follows: 1 SEIRI / concise / Sorting that sort, assign, manage, and dispose of anything that is not needed in the workplace, as well as search for the cause of labor discomfort. The more lean workplace of the items that are not needed, the more efficient the work place. 2 Seiton / stacking / neat / Structuring the storage and arrangement of everything in a certain place them properly, an irregular rapid. Used to easier find the items needed quickly, as the visible control, and reduce waste in the form of movement back and forth while looking for stuff. 3 Seiso / rehearsal / Cleaning cleaning the workplace in accordance with the applicable rules to be neat and clean. Used as a control companies. 4. SHEIKETSU / milling / care / treatment the maintenance of the continu