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Identification Product Manufacturing

In the lean-sigma concept, it is important to identify products that will be executed. Identification is done solely based on the customer’s perspective. Product with certain characteristics should be based on customer required qualifications. In addition to product design and spec accordingly, in general there are several things to do in order to implement lean manufacturing in the industry. Value of manufacturing products offered pertaining to the following matters: 1. The quality of the product in accordance with established specifications and agreed 2. Competitive prices compared with competitors at the same level of product quality 3. On-time delivery in accordance with the contract purchase 4. Services related to products, product delivery and after sales service 5. This specific case is determined by the customer or other agreements between manufacturers and customers to produce products that comply with the specifications..

Basic Principles of Lean

Some basic principles of lean manufacturing can be described as below: 1. Identify the product (goods or services) based on customer requirements, or the customer’s perspective. In general, customers will want the quality of the goods or services premises superior quality, competitive price and timely delivery. 2. Value stream mapping process for any product or service. 3. Eliminate all the waste that is processed, ranging from the purchase of raw materials, production