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What is Top Management System and Principles of Top Management

Total Quality Management (TQM) can be defined from three words: Total (whole), Quality (quality, degree / excellence level of goods or services), Management (action, art, hooking, controlling, direction). Of the three words it possesses, the TQM definition is: “a customer-oriented management system with activities pursued very correctly through continous improvement and motivating employees” (Kid Sadgrove, 1995) TQM PRINCIPLES 1. Leadership A leader is able to determine the unity of direction and goals of the organization. Leaders must create and maintain or maintain an external environment where people can engage fully in achieving organizational goals. There are several specific applications for leadership, namely: 1. Consider the needs of all interested parties including customers 2. Define and explain the vision of the organization in the future so that everyone understands the purpose 3. Set goals and targets that are challenging and socialized 4. Create and support the values of