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The concept of total quality management you should know

Total Quality Management is an application of quantitative methods and human resources to improve in the provision of raw materials and services for the organization, all processes within the organization at a certain level where customer needs are met now and in the future. TQM is more an attitude and behavior based on the satisfaction of its work and the work of its team or group. TQM requires the commitment of management as an organizational leader in which this commitment must be disseminated to all employees and at all levels or departments within the organization. TQM is not a program or system, but a culture that must be built, maintained and enhanced by all members of the organization or company when the organization or company is oriented to quality and make quality as a way of life. Controls, systems, and techniques are indispensable in the application of TQM, but they are not necessarily a necessity. The most important thing in TQM implementation is the thorough involvement