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Basic Principles of Lean

Some basic principles of lean manufacturing can be described as below: 1. Identify the product (goods or services) based on customer requirements, or the customer’s perspective. In general, customers will want the quality of the goods or services premises superior quality, competitive price and timely delivery. 2. Value stream mapping process for any product or service. 3. Eliminate all the waste that is processed, ranging from the purchase of raw materials, production

Think Simple, Superior Quality

Lean Sigma is not meant to do something big and make a significant overhaul. In terms of improvement priority is the target to be achieved. Achievement of targets should not be large, but more important is continuous and there’s always action at any time when there is a shortage of processing. Lean Six-Sigma means doing something simple, it’s easy and efficient as possible. But on the output it produces superior quality and service is very fast. It is cultivated as simple as possible so that any kind of work that will be applied to the process / production will be performed by a person or an existing member. Or if there is training, training does not require a long time. Lean Sigma needs to be established through planting of culture, metrics, policies, procedures, and lean-six sigma tools or technique.