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Future State Value Stream Map Process

The design for the development layout should be considered since the company began to be built. Because of the increased capacity and changes in product trends will also determine the design of the plant. The most important development in the design layout process is to improve the Process cycle efficiency with due regard to the rationalization and simplification process, as well as the application allows the elimination of waste is all around production. Apart from production targets to be achieved, development should also design bias increases OEE (overall Equipment Effectiveness) through the reduction of downtime, reduction of defects, the implementation of TPM (Total Productive Maintenance), decrease or shorten the lead time via reduce WIP (Work-In-Process) inventory followed by a balancing process takt time

Key Performance Measures

Several measures are used to determine the performance of lean six sigma in manufacturing industry: 1. PCE (Process Cycle Efficiency) = Value added Time/Total Lead Time 2. Lead Time (L/T) = amount of work-In-Processes/average Completion Rate 3. Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) = Availability x Performance x Quality Availability = Operating Time/Planned Production Time Performance = Standard Cycle Time x Total Pieces)/Operating Time Quality = First-Pass Yield (%) = FPY Pieces / Total Pieces