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Defective due to Poor Storage Activities

Defective condition of the material can also occur after the material is in the factory, namely the storage conditions and treatment of bad material. Starting from the store and 5S premises that are less well-ordered, random placement, packaging, transfer of goods, the use of transport means and so forth. Treatment of materials should be able to protect themselves from dangerous material defect, corrosion, cracks, mixed with other particles and so forth.

Defective Because of Delivery

Weather conditions, road and time of delivery becomes the main factor to guarantee the quality of material it sends. For example, material that is sensitive to acid rain and then when the sea water or steam will cause the material conditions of the amended section surface chemistry of these materials. Therefore, to prevent material defect is caused due to delivery with special handling. Starting from the packaging, container treatment and protection in certain weather.

Defective because of Material Quality from Suppliers

The first possibility is a defect that caused material from the supplier. In the process of purchasing materials from suppliers may have items that are not in accordance with the specifications that we requested. That is normal. However, to minimize the possibility of defects that caused the error is to choose the supplier that the supplier has a good track record in terms of quality, then a layer of material inspection income. If there is a lack of in accordance with specifications provided immediately do a claim against the supplier.

Material Defects

Material defect means the raw materials forming a product that no longer fit for use due to defect from the supplier, defects at the time of delivery, defects due to poor storage method and other reasons. Material defect would result in decreased quality if passed the examination early in the process. Defective found in the finished product probably caused by material defects. Therefore, monitoring the product not only when the product reaches the end of the process (finished goods), However starting in the form of raw material / materials must be ensured that the material meets the specified quality standards. Material defects can be caused by many things, including; – Defective goods because of quality suppliers – Defective because of delivery – Defective due to poor storage activities All defective caused by such matters should be minimized. Because early detection of defective product will ensure the quality expected. The most important thing to do is stick to the basic manufacturi