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What is differences of Lean Manufacturing, Lean Six Sigma and Lean Thinking?

Lean means building mindset, way of thinking and commitment from all parts company with activities to minimize waste in production to produce the product effectively and efficiently and meet the qualification standards of customers. While the differences between Lean manufacturing , Lean Thinking and Lean Six Sigma is Lean Manufacturing: – Focus on production operations – Common Sense Approach – A short-term Project – The data used is the observation data – Giving priority to dispose of waste in production activities (5S and 3F)

Lean Thinking

The advantages of the concept of Lean thinking in its application in the industry is focused on the reduction of waste where the waste itself is one of the inhibitors increased performance than that of lean sigma also aims to minimize the variation of the product which is also an obstacle to improved corporate performance. Tools used to improve the quality of the concept of Lean is the Big Picture Mapping, Regression, Root Cause Analysis and to compare the results of the identification of the cause of the failure by the method of Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) and Failure Mode method of Multi Attribute Analysis (MAFMA). The purpose of the research quality of the company is to :: A. Identify waste and find out that most often occurs in the production process. 2. Identify and find the cause of waste that affect product quality. 3. Identify and compare the results of the causes of potential failures, the FMEA method and the method MAFMA. 4. Provide recommendations for improvement

Lean Sigma thinking in all fields

Changing paradigms and patterns of employees think the company and all of the components is not an easy job. Behavior to make the process of formation of sigma lean into the work culture within a company requires hard work and sustained effort. Hard work requires a strong will and an integrated system starting from the top manager to field employees.. Generally accepted concept of lean sigma regardless of industry and services. All types of companies can be conditioned in the application of lean sigma concept for performance and quality of expected output.