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1. Cost Reduction Through 5S or 6s The companies lean -sigma start a continuous improvement program is fundamentally through improved houses keeping Using the principles of 5S or 6 S to create and maintain a workplace that becomes a regular clean safe and has a high performance. 5S, allows anyone to separate conditions of normal and abnormal is the foundation for continuous improvement, zero defects , Reduction of costs and to create a safe working area and comfortable. 5S is also a systematic approach to improving the working environment, Processes and products by involving employees on the plant floor or (production line).

Kaizen Blitz For Cost Reduction Efforts In Continuous

Performance improvement program for continuous cost reduction requires a commitment to improvement that involves aspects of human motivation and technological aspects in a balanced way. Kaizen is a Japanese term can be interpreted as continuous improvement. High spirits of Kaizen in Japanese companies have made them thrive and excel in various fields of life, especially in terms of improved quality and productivity.