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Improve the efficiency and profitability with Lean Production

Lean production starts as a manufacturing technique to improve the efficiency and profitability . Its primary focus is the elimination of waste output speed . Trash is anything that does not add value to the final product . Many manufacturing industries other than the now adopting lean principles . History Henry Ford was one of the first to understand and employ workflow automation for mass production . About 25 years later , Kiichiro Toyoda , Toyota did a lot of revision of thinking Ford and developing the Toyota Production System , which focuses on matching engines for workflow , fast production setup and change the engine to support a variety of products and the elimination of waste . Value- Added The focus of lean manufacturing is the value . Each step or process that adds value to the final product will be stored . Anything that does not add value is waste and should be eliminated . Assess the added value of the function is the first step in lean production . After that , we will