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Balancing Process Cycle Time with Takt Time

Line Balancing to balance Cycle time and Takt Time

Line Balancing for the effectiveness of production

Line balancing is an attempt to balance the input and output of each machine in a series of production processes, to minimize the idle time on all stations for a certain output level. The purpose of line balancing is to obtain a smooth production flow of WIP problems, delays in the process, repair time and so on, so as to achieve a high level of efficiency in terms of manpower, facilities and time required to produce / process the given input. Now there are still a lot of line balancing practices based on traditional approaches that only after balancing the load of each station regardless of the WIP generated. It is quite impossible if the target optimal load flow gain of 100%, in the sense that each process has a perfect balance and have a perfect efficiency.

The importance of Information Monthly and Daily Information

Toyota is a member of two types of information on suppliers: First is a monthly production plan which has been determined previously notified to suppliers in the middle of the month before. By using the monthly production plan has been determined in advance, the supplier will determine the date of the following plans: 1. Cycle time of each process 2. Routine operation reorder raw labor allocation in accordance with a cycle time in each process. 3. The number of spare parts and materials to be ordered on the sub suppliers 4. The number of kanban for each sub-suppliers