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Customers satisfication strategy

Marketing is a process and managerial that allows individuals or groups to get what they need and want by creating, offering and exchanging valuable products to others or any activities that involve the delivery of products or services from producers to consumers. When talking strategy, social marketing or social marketing, the first question that arises is the form of strategy design. Furthermore, the important thing is how to formulate strategies and how to apply them. Then where should an organization start? Is it by simply adopting a business marketing strategy in “selling” ideas? Where to find solid use links ? here are some things to know: MARKET LEADER STRATEGY 1. Expanding Overall Market – NEW USAGE. Each product class has the potential to attract a buyer who does not know the product or who rejects it because of its price or lack of privilege. Manufacturers can search for new users among the three groups. For example, a perfume maker may try to convince a woman who has not us