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5s Good Housekeeping Method

5s Good Housekeeping Method 5S is a method of structuring and maintenance of intensive work areas originating from Japan used by management in an effort to maintain order, efficiency, and discipline at the work site as well as to improve the company’s performance as a whole. The los angeles apartments also take these methods and take care of the apartments before someone lives in it. The application of 5S is generally applied in conjunction with kaizen implementation in order to encourage the effectiveness of 5S implementation. in America and Europe known as 5C. The contents of 5S include: 1.整理 (seiri), Sort, is an activity to get rid of items that are not needed so that all the goods on the work site only goods that are really needed in work activities. 2.整頓 (seiton), Straighten, everything must be placed according to the position set so ready for use when needed. 3.清楚 (seiso), Sweep, is an activity to clean the equipment and work area so that all work equipment is maintained in goo