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Focus on Shitsuke that Which Sustains all 4 other Elements

To apply the 5S concept, we must focus on the element of ” Shitsuke ” that which sustains all 4 other elements . Planting element ” Shitsuke ” is a very important point . Consider the chart below control cycle . It is important for the control cycle to increase over time. Likewise, the pillar ” Shitsuke ” which should have increased along with the increase in the quality of 5S activities . 4S which consists of ” Seiri ” , ” Seiton ” , ” Seiso ” and ” Seiketsu ” is an element that we apply to the goods / particular problem as an object . As with the ” Shitsuke ” which is an element that is applied to ourselves. Therefore , ” Shitsuke ” is not a factor in the innate nature of ourselves, but things should be taught to be applied . Therefore the application of the element of ” Shitsuke ” against employees also different , tailored to the nature , way of thinking , ability to work , and various other factors of each person .

Principle of 5S

The 5S are prerequisites for any improvement program. As waste is potential gain, so eliminating waste is a gain. 5S Philosophy focuses on effective work place organization, work environment, reduces waste while improving quality and safety. There is no hope for efficiency or quality improvement with dirty work place, waste of time and scrap.