Green belt is a person who did this project directly and help black belt to make improvements by using Six Sigma vehicle. Any improvement of a team or work group requires interpretation on an issue of equality. Therefore, training is one of the most important steps in achieving all that.

A solid team, have the same vision and are able to work well together will produce the product / improvement that has a large contribution to the company. But in giving knowledge to the six sigma executor must be really specific and in accordance with the field work.

One of the green belt team duty when running training should at least be able to do these things as follows.
1. Able to produce products in this improvement can be implemented in areas of the company and of course have a significant positive influence on team performance, and members who do the results of improvement
2. A green belt training understand very well the use of applications and tools used to work on the project six sigma
3. Green belt trainees must be able to collect data, analyze data critical to the improvement and understand the key to success of a project.
4. Should be more sensitive to problems that occur in production which will be object of research now or in the dating
5. Build support in carrying out the project from top management, and supports all the company’s policy to conduct continuous improvement with Six Sigma team.
6. What finally able to create a critical to quality, with improvement-improvement are made.
7. And the latest target green belt trainees must understand and be able to put that customer is a very important partner. In the hope that six sigma is to achieve total customer satisfaction through breakthrough improvement

If all have the same description of the project and the purpose of the six sigma then arbitrarily will run well and supported by all parties.