JIT was initially an internal system used by the founder of Toyota Motor Corporation, which is now recommended for all manufacturing industries worldwide and has experienced in terms of its application. The changes produced by forcing issues that occurred have now been integrated JIT system with integrated manufacturing technology and strategic information systems.

The addition of support system is a challenge that requires the use era of progress by reason of more reliable and faster. That will not diminish the essence of Just-In Time itself is producing the goods needed in the quantities needed and the time required as well. The system as an internal drive for production and operations management.

The addition of advanced electronic system integrated with information will greatly save time and costs and to improve quality. And more importantly is able to shorten the time of booking, faster and more accurate. The main purpose of the Toyota production system is how a company is always considering the adjustment of production schedules to changing demand.

JIT or the Toyota Production System has become a worldwide trend that is very suitable to be applied in small and large industry. Because the core of a business is to create a low cost, high quality and timely delivery. This system has become the inspiration for system management, particularly in the areas of manufacturing worldwide