5S last three terms are closely related. Seiso is the maintenance of cleanliness is always maintained at its plant. Seiso activity is highly dependent on the standardize Seiketsu cleaning and maintenance activities in the form of work instructions are easily followed by all employees. Shitsuke as the methods used to motivate employees to consistently carry out and participate in Seiketsu and Seiso activities.

The three activities above should be supporting each other. Cleaning at a time are well preserved because there is an audit or inspection of the president. Every part of the company maintained in a clean condition. But these conditions only lasted a few days. After the echoes of the campaign was not heard from again, everything returns to normal.

5s enforcement Conditions like this do not reach the target and not comprehensive. Should one Seiso activity is fully supported by Shitsuke and Seiketsu activities.

Campaign maintenance of cleanliness should be coupled with manufacturing systems that reach out to all employees. For example, the work performed prior to commencing work, shall be announced to all employees on the activities of cleaning before starting the job. Such standardization could be through the production of written work procedures at each desk. And standardization of briefings every starting job.

Both elements of 5S are also should be coupled with enforcement of labor discipline that includes the 5S activities. Enforcement of this discipline preferably with a persuasive approach and motivation to all employees. Providing good training is scheduled to be extremely helpful in a comprehensive implementation of the 5s.

Seiso = Shine/Clean
Seiketsu = Standardize
Shitsuke = Commitment and Self-discipline