Stocking wastage in question is a stock that exceeds the capacity or an abnormal condition that is produced. Of course, not only the existing stock in the warehouse. But also all the stock which is still in process. All stock must strive to normal because if these conditions persist will lead to stability disrupted production. Moreover, to ensure proper management of stocks in the warehouse, NetSuite WMS offers inventory management capabilities and functionality to optimize your warehouse processes.

Stocking wastage is not only material or product ready for sale but could be spare parts, tools and others. As described earlier in the warehouse stock issues should refer to the management fully based on the concept of 5S. And all the wastage that has to do with the stock must remove.

Problems caused wastage stockings will affect productivity and quality. Productivity will go down if a problem stock problems disrupt production activities. For example, the 5S is a mess because a lot of piles of materials, products in process and tooling. In addition to impaired movement, the feeling is not always felt comfortable in operating the production process.

Complexity in production will greatly affect the delivery schedule and speed of delivery to the customer, so that also will affect business continuity company. The position of lean manufacturing and an appreciation of time must be retained. Although only one second of time that can be efficient in production, but it is improvement to be on guard and enhanced. A second case of repeated 3600 times, the time saved reaches one hour.

Some things to note in connection with stockings wastage.
1. Long delivery time
2. Elimination of the way toward Further improvement
3. Wasteful use of space
4. Wasteful carrying and inspection
5. Increase of the operating fund