Why is the production of large lots could cause problems of over-production. Of course, high production capacity will lead to other problems that could hamper lean manufacturing project ever campaigned by the company. Of course there are specific strategies that must be done to produce in large quantities. Production of large quantities could be due;

1. Customer Demands
Products will be manufactured on a large scale because of the order of market / customer, thus forcing the production line to achieve the target time and the capacity of the product. The risk posed by these cases is very small because the product is directly absorbed by the market. Possible risks faced were the possibility of machine breakdown due to being forced to reach the target with a large capacity. If there is one machine that is damaged there will be a WIP is still waiting queue for processing. This is what can lead to waste because it takes place and energy to manage it.

2. Product Trends
Because of they do not want to miss the market and trends that exist, then the speculative companies mass-produce these products. The production process is not yet clear customer would be very risky accumulation of goods and production activities are in vain if the product is not immediately absorbed by the market.

Actually, the speculation business is not unusual to get multiple profit opportunities. This is the business dynamics. However, the problem is the production of the full and very busy will reduce the effectiveness of production.

An anticipatory step that must be done is
1. Conditions must be in a state 5S well, if there was a big production will be more easily manage product in-process.
2. Employees must be in condition to understand the principles of lean manufacturing and treat “the seven wastage”
3. The condition of the machine should be in the best condition and ready for production.
4. All member companies must pay more attention to the production process.