Production control is the effort to create a quality product and in accordance with the specifications determined by monitoring the activity of a tight production. Why should production activities controlled? Control is tight in production activity is designed to maintain product quality and meet customer satisfaction.

Supervision in the production started from the selection of suppliers for raw materials and the supervision of the delivery to production areas, the production process itself, the stock of finished goods stores and delivery to the customer.

Selection of suppliers
The selection of suppliers of raw materials must be done carefully with consideration of price and quality. Usually between price and quality is directly proportional to quality. If the price is more expensive is usually better quality and as well as the opposite. However, the most important is the material used in accordance with the specifications required.

Sometimes the shipping activity is often overlooked, yet the risk of loss from shipping activities is always there. Actually, the regulatory process should now be done from poses to load into the container, means preparing and stacking and transport processes.

Production Control
Monitoring of production not only in terms of material, but all the components involved in the production process. The component in question is the human factor or labor, machinery for production, materials, methods and operating procedures and measurement. And coupled with monitoring the environment.

Production controls that meet the standard lean manufacturing include:
– Output of production should be able to meet customer demand, although many variations in demand. Everything associated with the Customer must be a priority. Stability of output which is the reference to the activities of production and with all the effort there should be no stock shortages.

– Maintaining the stability of inputs, outputs and defects. Three things always haunt each production activity. What should be done is to reduce defects and minimize machine breakdown.

– For high demand for labor must wear a properly trained to ensure operations could really go according to plan

– Reduction of product defects in various ways.

– Stay consistent 5S activity as the basic steps to optimize production and reduce product defects in the production area to achieve the desired level of customer satisfaction.