5S management (Seiton concept) in this business is absolutely necessary. How to store the tools that have a degree of risk both in terms of risk reduction in quality and risk of accidents. If you were hurt or a loved one died because of a crane accident, you will need an expert crane accident lawyer behind you to obtain the compensation you and your family needs to care for the injured.

First, storage cutting tools such as drills, taps, grinding etc., shall be determined based on the frequency of the instrument used. If the tool was used on many machines for mass production, the most suitable is the system of production lines. On the other hand, if used greeting workshop situations, tools that must be saved by function.

Second, because these devices usually lead to a sharp cutter, it is stored need to be considered carefully. Should be provided sufficient space between the ends pointed to protect and facilitate maintenance.

Third, the sensitive tools such as calipers, gauges, micrometer, ruler straight and others also require special attention. In order for this measure remains appropriate tools, tools that need to be completely protected from dust, dirt and vibration. Many tools that should be oiled to protect it from rust. Straight ruler should be hung with the upright position so as not to bend.

Fourth, To the problem of oil must also be handled properly. Various types of oil and oil quality used in manufacturing plants. Often the oil from large containers and then moved into a small container that is easily managed. To avoid mixing, should be color coded. Oil drums and each tool painted oil filler or marked with the same color. The station also places filled shall be marked with the same color as the drum and the filling.

5S management play an important role here in terms of rules and implementation in the field. Especially for how storage devices such as described above are at risk of 5S is to reduce the level of losses resulting from work accidents and loss of quality. Accidents caused by sharp objects that are not proper in storage. The risk of quality will occur mainly due to non-precision instrument again, or read errors caused by measuring tools are rusty.