Toyota uses a production system known as the Toyota Production System or in English called the Toyota Production System, abbreviated as TPS. The production system developed by Taiichi Ohno and Eiji Toyodadari Toyota Motor Corporation aims to provide the best quality, lowest cost and shortest lead time (lead time) through the elimination of waste or waste that occurs at the time of production. Today many manufacturing companies are studying and implementing Toyota’s production system in running the production and operations of the company. Lean Manufacturing concept is basically part of Toyota Production System.
The main objective of TPS is to reduce the cost of eliminating the youth (waste) completely to achieve that step taken
1.Make parts that fit with customer orders (JIT)
2.Make parts with cheap price
3.Make high quality parts
4.Make a flexible work system

The Toyota Production System basically consists of two main points: “Just In Time (JIT)” and “Jidoka” supported by Kaizen, Standardization work, Heijunka, PDCA, 5S, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
The main thing in Toyota’s production system
1.Just In Time Manufacturing (JIT)
Just In Time or JIT is a concept whereby the whole new production process will begin only when the customer orders it and meets the customer’s needs at the right time according to the amount desired by the customer. All the resources required by the production process are prepared just in time of need. The concept of Just In Time aims to reduce 3 of the 7 wastefulness / youth referred to as a source of inefficiency by Toyota’s production system. The third waste that can be avoided when applying Just-In-Time Manufacturing production system is Waste of Overproduction, Waste of Inventory, Waste of Waiting. For more you can read on
2.Jidoka (Autonomation)
Jidoka is a Japanese language that when translated into Indonesian is Automation (English: Automation). But the often used translation is “Autonomation” which means “Automation with Human Touch” or “Automation with Human Touch”. So on the basis of what is meant by Jidoka or Autonomation this is the use of machine to detect errors or damage and stop the production process automatically in case of error or error. Thus, the quality of products produced by production can be maintained well and free from any defects.