Companies often have problems to change the various things that exist within the organization. These problems will then arise and relate to the company’s operational activities. because it takes lean manufacturing

Some of the problems that cause the company to require lean manufacturing include:

1. Employees who are unable to work professionally

What fruit you have many employees but not professional, you should dispose of them all and try to recruit professional employees in small amounts, if you need help from a recruiting agency, try the agence d’intérim. They are much more useful than many employees but do not have a professional soul.

2. Low employee integrity

Companies need good employee integrity, they must be productive and potential employees to compete with other companies. But when companies do not have what they need especially reliable human resources then the company will fall and be replaced by other companies. Low employee integrity will make labor costs higher and this should be eliminated.

3. Employees who are unable to perform their work effectively and efficiently

4. An undisciplined employee

Having a less disciplined employee makes the work of the kator irregular. Employees should get training or training so they have good discipline, work ethic and become a protective employee. When employees can not discipline, this is what causes the cost of wasting work.

5. Lack of utilization of resources owned company to produce quality products

Some of these things make the company can not produce quality goods and will lead to waste of production costs.

Steps before Lean Manufacturing

Identify all workflows in the warehouse

This process is a way of determining whether a company needs lean manufacturing. All workflows related to warehousing activity will be identified first whether lean should be done or not.

Takes into account the addition of value to all warehousing activities

Before a company considers whether to use lean manufacturing or not, the company should see whether there is any additional value in warehouse activity or to eliminate waste. After taking into account whether or not the addition of value or not the company can decide about the concept.

Create a simulated value-added ratio

Companies can create added value ratios of goods or waste that are identified. This simulation is done before the company will decide about lean manufacturing.

Evaluation and implementation

Some of the above will then be done an implementation or evaluation by the company. By doing the evaluation and implementation then the company can make a presentation to the team for improvements to the previous implementation.

Key to Lean Mannufacturing’s Success

Not all lean manufacturing done by some companies is paying off. Sometimes many obstacles cause this process to become unworkable. There are several keys to success in developing Lean Manufacturing are:

v HR owned

In order for lean manufacturing to work perfectly it must be pursued preparation of human resources owned by the company. HR must be motivated continually to disseminate some orientations to improve continuous quality. Companies can hire a competent trainer to give motivation to employees agra lean manufacturing implementation is successful. With continuous motivation, employees will get information and enlightenment that lean is very important for the company and also for the future of the employee concerned. If the company succeeds in this development then the imbasanya also on the employees.

v Engaging employees

If no one employee wants to run some of the concepts of lean manufacturing then this concept will not work. In contrast, lean requires employees within the company to make decisions in developing a system from the top to the lowest level. This means that all employees in the company bersnagkutan must take part in the concept of lean manufacturing. Companies can train employees with training or training in order to have a reliable and qualified human resources.

In this process the company must also design a manufactur system that is very simple and can be followed by every individual in it. System design t
In this process the company must also design a manufactur system that is very simple and can be followed by every individual in it. The company’s design system is not at a loss. There are many companies that do not think about this, whereas large transportation costs can be lowered by taking into account the needs and practicality of each company’s operational activities. At each company these transportation costs may always be present in the income statement but each company has a different nominal on that cost. The smaller the cost of transportation, the greater the profits earned by the company, if the cost of transportation is greater then the profit earned by the company is also getting smaller. Excess production (Excess Production) Excessive production of this will actually cause losses to the company. Goods that have been produced are not all sold in the market, as an alternative goods will be stored in the warehouse. If long stored in the warehouse of course can cause damage and not sell. As the best alternative then the company can make advance production planning so as not to cause excessive production overload. Added processes There is no possibility that the company will add products to be sold in the market. The addition of these products will actually increase the cost of greater productivity than when producing goods in large quantities simultaneously. To prevent the addition of this product then the company can make production planning before doing the production process of goods. Operational (Motion) Operational activities in a company or factory sometimes not all of them are useful or produce added value to the goods produced. Because want to minimize the cost of all activities that are less or not important and do not add value of goods should be removed. Inventory Too much stock of inventory or procurement of inventory in the warehouse, this will reduce the company’s capital. Inventory procurement can be based on the needs of the company in the short, medium or long term in accordance with the needs of the factory. Defective Goods Defective goods of course must be replaced with new items because consumers will not want to buy defective items. Disability of the goods will increase the cost of production because it will increase the production of an item to replace the defective goods. If this continues to happen every production prooses then over time the company will lose. Replacement cost of defective goods continues to increase while the company does not make any innovation. Defects of goods can be avoided by doing some evaluation and observation so that the production of goods will be better and not experiencing disability again. Tool of Lean ManufactureThere are several tools used in lean manufacture include:
a) Value Strean Mapping This method is a method used to create a map of production flow and the flow of information obtained by companies to produce quality products. All operational activities. All the information obtained will be mapped in a very simple image. The image includes input and output, the process of making goods and the existence of its customers. Value Strean Mapping is also used to assess and examine the extravagance that occurred. With this concept, the company can build a sense of urgency that includes several members of an organization and also used as a communication tool to facilitate the implementation of Lean tersebut

b) Kaizen
Kaizen is a continuous improvement and not stopped until what is desired is achieved. These improvements will be sustainable to improve product, process and service improvements over time. Kaizen will reduce the unnecessary waste of a company to improve service to consumers, improve the quality of a product or increase the productivity of human resources in it.
C) Total Quality Management
TQM is an approach that is done to improve the quality of a product based on specific strategies. This TQM will involve many parties within the company, when the company takes some action in the implementation of TQM then the employees and managers must also be in line with the wishes and goals of the TQM. By using the concept of Total Quality Management, it will be easy for the company to continue to improve the quality and customer satisfaction.

Key to Lean Mannufacturing’s Success Not all lean manufacturing done by some companies is paying off. Sometimes many obstacles cause this process to become unworkable. There are several keys to success in developing such Lean Manufacturing.