Stock control in the production must be observed by all parties. Because if any one of the blank material, the production will not work. If production can not run the time wastage will occur. Lean manufacturing certainly will not be achieved. Therefore, various ways have done to keep the remains there is no excess stock or less.

5S management role here is emphasized to ensure adequate supply to remain available. Effectiveness of stock is very helpful to reduce waste time and waste WIP is the basic component for building a lean manufacturing are well preserved

One easy way to control stock is enough to make the strip the minimum and maximum limits. Granting this limit will visually indicate the number of items allowed in the container or on the shelf stock.

Implementation was also very easy to simply given colored stickers for the lower limit and upper limit as shown in the picture. Managing eligible stocks less lean manufacturing. Such images do not show the balance of stock to be processed in production. There are stocks that exceed the maximum limit but on the other hand there is very little stock there is even an empty stock.

Stock management must be done seriously if it does not want a machine breakdown due to lack of stock. This is actually originated from 5S management system. If the member who is involved in store management either from the member store or member 5s production could follow the existing standards and discipline to implement the stock problem will not occur.