Each manufacturer has a different space, and they must arrange the layout of its space with the most efficient manner possible. Because the concept of lean manufacturing layout also affects the production work, especially the movement of goods and service production.

The principle underlying the determination of the location of the goods to be stored is
1. Frequently used items placed around the work that is often used, making it easy to grab.
2. Other items that are rarely used is placed farther from the operator. However if space allows more laid dean of the operator.
3. These items should be easily accessible, placed between the shoulder and waist height workers.

The above method helps reduce wastage motion of lean manufacturing concepts. It also reduces the energy used by operators for taking goods from stores to the production area. For example only one minute of time savings, if the activity repeated every minute, every hour, every day, every week and so on, how the time saved in one month? Incredible is not it?