To ensure lean manufacturing can be achieved through Seiton activities which include the separation of materials, placement of goods, the use of labels and lines of instructions to limit the maximum and minimum, then the most difficult step is to ensure the activities and conditions remain good.

5S is the foundation of manufacturing activity that is continuously being done by anyone who becomes a member of the company. Therefore the responsibility for maintenance and implementation of 5S activity should also be conducted jointly.

5S training and training should always be done by a leader in the production. If there is a new member should be given basic training before starting work 5s. Old time membe must be done before starting the meeting for five minutes to review the work and the importance of each meeting should be emphasized on the implementation of 5S.

Although only one minute in conveying the appeal or referral of the 5S, if done every day then gradually 5S mindset of awareness will be formed by itself.

Thirsty actions submitted before the start of work is the separation of the visual material is required or not, setting frequently used items should be easily achieved by a production member dam usage labels where the code, item code and lines of instructions the number of items

Lean manufacturing
will be achieved if carried out continuously by a member of production in each meeting.