After storage of goods refers to the lean manufacturing by reducing movement and reduce workplace accidents, as discussed in previous articles. The next important step is to make the device, storage Places easily search able and identifiable.

Substitution of the morning shift workers with night shifts, always will be a problem if there is no standard in the work operations, including matters concerning the storage of equipment and how to return tools. For it must be an easy way to store and can be understood by others, although no experience.

The first set cabinet, tool storage cabinets or shelves with labeled or clearly written. In addition, there must be a responsible person and out of the tool and to control the damage, loss of existing tools in the storage area.

The next step must implement 5S management that follow Seiton concept of 3F (Fixed Position, Fixed and Fixed Quantity Item). For simplicity in applying the fixed position with a shadow drawing tools in storage. That way the workers know where to return the goods.

Laying the screwdriver and wrench must be referring to the convenience of viewing, such as sorted from the smallest size to the biggest.

5S principles will contribute much cost reduction in the company if all aware of the consequences of 5S management is good for lean manufacturing.